LOTTO Thuringia Ski Sports HALL Oberhof

Winter sports - 365 days a year

LOTTO Thuringia Ski Sports HALL Oberhof

Unique in Central Europe: The LOTTO Thuringia Skiing HALL.
Here you can not only regularly watch the winter sports stars in cross-country skiing and biathlon from the so-called visitor balcony, but also become active yourself at any time!
On 10,000 m² and 365 days a year there is a cross-country paradise for competitive and recreational athletes in Oberhof.
3 cross-country skiing tracks, which follow a natural course of the terrain and a constant temperature of -4 degrees Celsius, precisely adjustable humidity and thus optimal snow conditions create ideal conditions for training or for learning the sport of cross-country skiing.
Ski courses possible throughout the year:
From beginner to professional in the ski hall, everyone has fun cross-country skiing.

Special highlight:
Biathlon team competitions or courses.

Ski rental incl. equipment: boots, cross-country pants, cross-country jacket, gloves, etc. directly on site.

Opening hours:

Monday 5pm - 8pm
Tuesday 12pm - 2pm, 5pm - 8pm
Wednesday 12pm - 2pm, 5pm - 8pm
Thursday 12pm - 2pm, 5pm - 8pm
Friday 12pm - 2pm, 5pm - 8pm
Saturday 12pm - 6pm
Sunday 12pm - 4pm

Changes may occur due to events and maintenance, so please check the following link for additional information:

Sport Luck

From the equipment to the professional course ... all in one place.

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Well informed in winter

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