Rennsteig Ski Trail

Skiing on the legendary Rennsteig trail

Beschilderung des Rennsteig Skiwanderweges

It is 169.3 kilometers long: the Rennsteig - ridge and border trail of the Thuringian Forest. In summer, shoes and backpacks are laced up to hike the trail from Hörschel to Blankenstein. But also in the cold season the Rennsteig offers a special experience.

On 142 kilometers between Ascherbrück (Ruhla) and Brennersgrün (Lehesten), the Rennsteig ranges between 500 and 980 meters above sea level. This makes it the longest continuously signposted and certified long-distance ski trail in Central Europe. 

Due to its history, the Rennsteig is too narrow in places for ski trail preparation, so the ski trail deviates from the original every now and then. For small rounds there are a variety of different trails and ski trails along the Rennsteig.

The Rennsteig ski trail is divided into 19 track/preparation sections. You can find out which track sections are groomed here or in the SchneeApp Thüringer Wald. The Rennsteig Ski Hiking Trail between Neuer Ausspanne above Tambach Dietharz / Floh Seligenthal in the west and Spechtsbrunn in the east has the most snow. Over the distance of 82.8 kilometers, the Fernskiwanderweg is almost exclusively above 750 meters above sea level. As a rule, the entire Fernskiwanderweg can be skied in a time window of about two weeks per season. If you want to ski the whole trail, you have to be spontaneous in your planning and you should inform yourself about weather and snow in advance.



Stage proposals

Whether you start your Rennsteig tour from Ascherbrück or from Brennersgrün, you can decide at your convenience. The trail is signposted in both directions.
Six Rennsteighäuser along the Fernskiwanderweg give you the opportunity to rest, use sanitary facilities such as toilets and showers barrier-free, put skis under as well as wax them. Experience unforgettable moments and enjoy breathtaking distant views from the Rennsteig over the mountain ranges of the Thuringian Forest to the Rhön and the Hainich from one of the newly built lookout towers. Shelters also invite you to stay if the weather is not so good.
Our stage suggestions for you:

Currently prepared sections

You can find the exact route here in the Thuringian Forest tour portal.